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H.C.M.C hospital Mpls,Mn

ST.Paul,MN Police department injures and takes all of person's personal property including pant's,Jacket and eyeglass's in the middle of November! 

Person leaves St.Paul police department with permanent back injury and no jacket or prescription eyeglasses in the middle of winter!
The personal property was not returned as is procedure in Ramsey county when the person is released which was a minor infraction of the law Ramsey county case#62-CR-08-16729 which was the following day. The same day the following property was to be released. It is also illegal to release anyone from any jail without a winter coat in the winter time.

After multiple attempts to reach St.Paul Sgt. Patrick Cheshier the person filled a internal affairs complaint which is acknowledgement of this above with a Claim form to be filled with the city. Which was filled out and sent to St.Paul claims manager Sandra Bodenststeiner following:
Where on the previous page the internal affairs sent me a claim form and said to file a claim. Sandra Bodensteiner claims manager states" The St.Paul police department is not a storage facility: your property was held for nearly 1 1/2 years. Sgt. Cheshier did not do anything wrong and you failed to claim your property with in a timely period of time.

The following is a list of property taken and not returned the following day:
Which above listed include a winter jacket and eyeglasses which the person can not see without them so the story the city claims manager states is ridiculous that someone would just leave about $700 worth of property including their eyeglasses.

The above letter from Ramsey County criminal director Richard Dusterhoft acknowledges the treatment from the St.Paul police department and H.C.M.C in the same letter.

Without eyeglasses a winter jacket the person then seeks medical attention at H.C.M.C hospital mpls,mn for multiple reasons including chronic back pain and mental health assistance where H.C.M.C . is aware of the recent assault by St.Paul police causing the chronic back pain. Where in return they did the same exact thing he just stated happened by the police to them this is in the following reports:

Patient in mental health crisis at H.C.M.C hospital MPLS,MN injured with chronic pain given head injury as treatment!

 Complete H.C.M.C medical report and Minneapolis police report:

Page by page review

H.C.M.C medical report page 1:

H.C.M.C medical report page 2:

H.C.M.C medical report page 3:

H.C.M.C medical report page 4:


Illegal Eject One By H.C.M.C Security Staff:

Feel free to ask them for security video to confirm the above!

Reenactment Video:

Security reports confirm illegal head injury :

Discrimination By H.C.M.C. Staff :

Minneapolis Police Report Page 1:

Minneapolis Police Report Page 2:

Minneapolis Police Report Page 3:

Minneapolis Police Report Page 4:

Patient arrives 3:52:

Questions to ask yourself after reading above:

According to Governor Mark Dayton Hospitals are screening out patients is the below actions ok?

If the hospital staff and the Minneapolis police  ignored mandatory Minnesota state law's and acted illegally while doing it then anything following this event they are responsible for legally!


Hennepin county employee release patient from jail untreated to goto Buffalo,MN and return a few day's for more help! Help already received listed above!


Above is page 1 from affidavit of Claire Schnurr on this first page of affidavit line one says there is no police report for buffalo,MN  does not exist case ICR#08010980 in line one. Which is false patient and others were harmed by the above listed violations of the law.

line 4 state patient was self referred to HCMC Acute Psychiatric services which is true patient was seeking mental health care and received 2 new injury's 1 to head, 1 to leg with chronic back pain. Where according to their own records should have been held there just for the mental health red flags in the report.

line 5 see security report patient needed security escort to leave property if you read medical report and security report they have conflicting story's patient is carried out of 1 room and placed into a wall where patient received a head injury. Consisting of a assault on patient since he was already restrained in room 1 and then placed into a wall while restrained.

Line 6 states that the police were called see police report

Line 7 -8 are claiming immunity which when they ignore the law or break it their immunity is void.

So basically their defense is admitting the patient went to the hospital seeking mental health care where they ignored  MN state law. Assaulted the patient where it is confirmed in the police report and medical report confirms the patient was already injured from a prior assault.

Claire Schnurr claims the following report does not exist as part of the defense .

Legal response from Michael Miller Hennepin county,MN Sr. Assistant County Attorney
line 3 claiming immunity once again the immunity is only granted if you are following the law.
In the statement of facts they are admitting the arguable fact of the head and leg injury given to patient by security. As stated in prior links see security reports link this was done illegally and in clear violation of MN state statute 

Elk River,MN police Sgt B. Boos on march 14,2017 is now claiming this injured person is now doing something to someone else and telling the injured person out in a snow storm without pain meds with a 5 minute notice. But no laws broken this is the second time this same police Sgt. has gotten involved in a civil matter outside his job duty's.

 Which is actually causing a crisis situation for the already injured person that caused all of the above!!!!

Feel free to contact the Elk River police department and ask why they are ording the injured victim out in the snow without out pain meds and how the assault victim from above should then have a 5 minute notice to go into a snow storm (763) 635-1260

Contact the Elk River Mayors office: 1-763-441-5783

As of 4-25-17 a man with traumatic brain injury went to H.C.M.C in a Crisis situation should have been admitted. They have not changed their practice putting vulnerable adults in dangerous situations with this practice!!!

Feel free to contact this public servant and ask why this is acceptable treatment of anyone!
Michael Miller Sr. Assistant county attorney 612-348-8299

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